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Hyeoneun Kim, Bongseok Goh, Bowon Nam, Kanghoon Lee, Jeong Hee Hong, Il Chul Moon, and Kee-Eung Kim (2014)

Multi-Level Hybrid Behavior Model of Computer Generated Forces

In: Proceedings of the AAMAS Workshop on Agents, Virtual Societies and Analytics.

Computer Generated Forces (CGFs) refer to the simulation models of combat entities. While the holy grail of CGFs is the realistic reflection of the entities, it is difficult to achieve since the model is often too sophisticated to be replicated. Traditional models which translate field manuals to descriptive models generally produce reliable behaviors, but concern about being brittle in undescribed or unexpected situations is still remaining. In this respect, automated planning approaches can produce robust behaviors for dynamic situations, but the computational resource is too demanding to compute full-scale solutions. This paper proposes a multi-level behavior modeling approach that adopts the knowledgeengineering approach to describe high-level tactical behavior rules and the automated planning approach to compute low-level combat actions in dynamic combat situations. We show that this two-level approach ensures reliable behaviors with moderate computation time.