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CS788 Intelligent User Interfaces

by Kee-Eung Kim last modified Jun 21, 2011 02:35 PM


This is a research paper reading course. Basically, you will have to read the assigned paper(s) and submit a one page write-up in English containing

  • summary of the paper (at least 700 words)
  • 3 relevant questions

at the beginning of each class. (= homework for every class) Upload your homework to the course bbs.

Additionally, I'll assign presenters for each class. Presenters should be ready for a 40-minute presentation on the paper, as well as answer the questions.


Kee-Eung Kim


Undergrad/grad artificial intelligence or equivalent (i.e., if you don't have basic knowledge about artificial intelligence techniques, you should not take this class)

Grading Policy

A: 60%, B: 30%, C: 10%

However, if you don't submit at least one homework, you are not guaranteed an A. If you have a business travel and have to miss the class, the homework is still due on the scheduled date. Late homeworks are not accepted.


  • 2/26 Orientation & Preliminary Quiz
    You will be asked to take a short quiz on AI/math problems on the first day of the class. If you lack basic knowledge, this class will be of no use to you. I'll have to turn you away if you do "very poor" on the quiz.
  • 2/28 Introduction
    Ehlert, Intelligent user interfaces: Introduction and Survey, Delft University of Technology DKS03-01, 2003
  • 3/2 Introduction (continued)
    Höök, Steps to take before intelligent user interfaces become real, Interacting with Computers, 2000
    Birnbaum et al., Compelling intelligent user interfaces—how much AI?, Proceedings of IUI, 1997
  • 3/5 User Modeling 민경민
    Webb et al., Machine Learning for User Modeling, User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction 11, 2001
    Horvitz & Apacible, Learning and Reasoning about Interruption, ICMI'03, 2003
  • 3/7 User Modeling 권혁태
    Horvitz et al., The Lumiere Project: Bayesian User Modeling for Inferring the Goals and Needs of Software Users, UAI'98, 1998
  • 3/9 User Modeling 바트톨가
    Gorniak & Poole, Building a Stochastic Dynamic Model of Application Use, UAI 2000
  • 3/12 User Modeling 이선영
    Kushmerick & Lau, Automated Email Activity Management: An Unsupervised Learning Approach, IUI'05, 2005
  • 3/14 User Modeling 석재현
    Stumpf et al., Toward Harnessing User Feedback For Machine Learning, IUI'07, 2007
  • 3/16 User Modeling 이성훈
    Bunt & Conati, Probabilistic Student Modelling to Improve Exploratory Behaviour, Journal of User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 2002
  • 3/19 User Modeling [Wrap up]
    Free-style discussion
  • 3/21 Dialogue 김기응
    McTear, Spoken Dialogue Technology: Enabling the Conversational User Interface, ACM Computing Surveys 34 (1), 2002
  • 3/23 Dialogue 심형섭
    Singh et al, Optimizing Dialogue Management with Reinforcement Learning: Experiments with the NJFun System, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 2002
  • 3/26 Dialogue 전다진솔
    Young, Probabilistic Methods in Spoken-Dialogue Systems, 2000
  • 3/28 Dialogue 김대환
    Georgila et al., Learning User Simulations for Information State Update Dialogue Systems, Proceedings of EUROSPEECH'05, 2005
  • 3/30 Dialogue 민경민
    Paek & Chickering, The Markov Assumption in Spoken Dialogue Management, Proceedings of SIGdial Workshop, 2005
  • 4/2 Dialogue 심형섭
    Williams & Young, Partially Observable Markov Decision Process for Spoken Dialog Systems, Computer Speech and Language 21, 2007
  • 4/4 Dialogue [Wrap up]
    Free-style discussion
  • 4/6 Multimodal Input 김기응
    Oviatt et al., Designing the User Interface for Multimodal Speech and Pen-Based Gesture Applications: State-of-the-Art Systems and Future Research Directions, Human-Computer Interaction 15(4), 2000
  • 4/9 Multimodal Input 권혁태
    Chai et al., A probabilistic approach to reference resolution in multimodal user interfaces, IUI'04, 2004
  • 4/11 Multimodal Input 바트톨가
    Oviatt, User-centered modeling and evaluation of multimodal interfaces, Proceedings of the IEEE, 91 (9), 2003, Human-Computer Multimodal Interface
  • 4/13 Multimodal Input [Wrap up]
    Free-style discussion
  • 4/16 Midterm Project
  • 4/23 No Class (80% probability)
  • 4/25 Usability Mining  전다진솔
    Hilbert and Redmiles, Extracting Usability Information from User Interface Events, ACM Computing Surveys 32 (4), 2000
  • 4/27 Usability Mining 이선영
    Dragunov et al., TaskTracer: A Desktop Environment to Support Multi-tasking Knowledge Workers, IUI'05, 2005
  • 4/30 Adaptive Interfaces 석재현
    Gajos and Weld, Preference Elicitation for Interface Optimization, UIST 2005
  • 5/2 Adaptive Interfaces 이성훈
    Dredze et al., Automatically classifying emails into activities, IUI 2006
  • 5/4 Adaptive Interfaces 김대환
    Bao et al, Fewer clicks and less frustration: Reducing the cost of reaching the right folder, IUI 2006
  • 5/7 Adaptive Interfaces 권혁태
    Shen et al., A hybrid learning system for recognizing user tasks from desktop activities and email messages, IUI 2006
  • 5/9 Adaptive Interfaces 이충열
    Shen et al., Real-Time Detection of Task Switches of Desktop Users, IJCAI 2007
  • 5/11 Adaptive Interfaces 민경민
    Bunt et al., Supporting Interface Customization Using a Mixed-Initiative Approach
  • 5/14 Adaptive Interfaces 심형섭
    Perkowitz and Etzioni, Towards adaptive web sites: Conceptual framework and case study, Artificial Intelligence, 118, 2000
  • 5/16 Adaptive Interfaces 전다진솔
    Bardram et al., Support for Activity-Based Computing in a Personal Computing Operating System, CHI 2006
  • 5/18 Adaptive Interfaces 김기응
    Lau et al., Programming By Demontration using version space algebra, Machine Learning, 2000
  • 5/21 Adaptive Interfaces 바트톨가
    Dey et al., A CAPpella: Programming by Demonstration of Context-Aware Applications, CHI 2004
  • 5/23 Adaptive Interfaces [Wrap up]
    Free-form discussion
  • 5/25 Search 김대환
    Dumais et al., Optimizing Search by Showing Results in Context, CHI 2001
  • 5/28 Search 석재현
    Downey et al., Models of Searching and Browsing: Languages, Studies and Applications, IJCAI 2007
  • 5/30 Challenges 김기응
    Fogarty et al., Examining the Robustness of Sensor-Based Statistical Models of Human Interruptibility, CHI 2004
  • 6/1: Final project presentation
  • 6/4: Final project presentation
  • 6/8: Final project presentation